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February 4, 2008
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SDL Oni-Gero by H-Box SDL Oni-Gero by H-Box
Here is the next SDL entry. I hope this is alright. All thanks to :iconroninsultramix: for SDL.

His mother was exposed to an unknown and an extremely rare element known as Acconianite while he was a fetus. When he was born he was cursed with a terrible disease. His bones were as strong as anything but the rest of his body were completely nimble and weak. Noticing that he was a defect, his mother was going to put him down. Suddenly, a man, out of the blue, barged in the house to reason with the mother. He promised the mother that he will look after him and that her son will come back as a powerful warrior. Once that was agreed upon, the strange man walked off with the newborn to a far away mountain.

For 21 years the boy was learning the basics of human nature as well as the art of Ninjitsu and Bushido. Once his training was complete he was given five departing gifts. Two Katanas - Ocean and Forest, a Rubber ninja outfit with few armor and bandage-based accessories, a jar containing fragments of mirror and glass pieces attached to each other by string and last but not least, a name. He later joined the SDL tournament, knowing that it will help increase his strength and knowledge for any battle in his unknown quest ahead.

He is just as well as kind-hearted and is believed to be a saint although with his opponents he can be calm yet ruthless. He is especially interested in the study of amphibians (sometimes arachnids). The only sign of aggressions he shows is when the battle doesn’t go his way by an unjust cause or if his opponent is disrespectful to the innocent. He truly does his best to never expose his face, no reason except the fact that he thinks he looks cool, being all mysterious and stuff. He is so gallant and well-mannered that he can attract quite a crowd of women…quite a crowd of women…snap! He is also quite fun with children for he is also a puppeteer.
Oni-Gero's abilities consist of great ninja agility and sword-play.
His ultimate ability is a ninjitsu technique known as 'Mirage of dreams.' This technique allows him to conjure up mirages if the area is rainy, steamy or heat-filled using the weapons from his jar along with his puppetry skills. Once the victim is within his or her dream status for more than 12 seconds Oni-Gero knocks the opponent out, so that he/she is confined within the ‘mirage,’ long enough for Oni-Gero to do some serious damage on the opposing force.
He even managed to use his disease as an advantage by having superb flexibility and gained the ability to place his bones within his body to either gain high defense or shape himself into different adaptive animals.

- The name Oni-Gero means Demon-Frog in Japanese. Demon: For his unique condition. Frog: for his fascination of amphibians.
- Whenever he remains still for a while, his ‘Forest’ Katana tends to attract tree frogs.
- He hates fire.
- He hates dogs.
- He is a ventriloquist.
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He sounds like an entertaining kind of character. (^__^)

I wanna know now, what does he look like with his mask off?
H-Box Nov 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Lol. I'll leave that to your imagination. *Rainbows*
In that case, I picture him having green spiky hair and gold eyes; like a frog! LOL XD
DRAKEFORD Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
H-Box Feb 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
oh yeah and the text "samurai duelers league" is blurry ;)
ahh nice job on the pose and coloring and description. but for my constructive critique, here it goes

the thing in the background is kinda weird, and those 2 spikes on its head arent blurred and are pretty sloppy

dont think im being perverted, but his pelvis looks sorta deformed.

do you use the pen tool for your lineart? if you dont, you really need to learn how :D if you need to learn how ill be glad to tell you

good job, keep it up, and thanks for reading my critique =D
H-Box Feb 4, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Thanx. I'll need all the criticisms I can get in order to improve my drawing abilities.
thats definitely the right attitude lol
H-Box Feb 6, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Just so you know, the thing in the background is the symbol of the Yin Clan.
...maybe I should edit it.
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